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Disability Claims Mount Despite Billions Spent | Investigation 

This is a story I chased on my own, working with Congressional sources, GAO report after GAO report and budgets for the last decade between the DOD and VA. I even went so far as finding the programmers of the first integrated electronic healthcare record.

The story was picked up by, where it was one of the top stories of the day, The Center for Public Integrity, The Denver Post and others.

VA Workers Rewarded for Avoiding Difficult Disability Claims | Investigation 

While I didn’t write this story, I contributed with sources and reporting during our seven-month investigation. I ended up with a contributing line in the Washington Post.

GI Program to Educate Veterans Fails Accountability Test | Education 

For this story, I wrote the entire section on for-profit colleges and the 90/10 rule. It was interesting to specialize in this education story while balancing the other two stories above.

The New York Times Student Journalism Institute 

The changing climate of Biosphere 2 | Science 

Arizona was already a foreign idea to my east-coast upbringing, so when I read about the alien dome located about an hour north of Tucson that replicates the earth’s ecology, I knew I had to get inside. While Biosphere 2 had been covered extensively, the focus remained on its past, not its future. So I knew I had fresh angle to cover.

From behind the lens of the universe | Science 

Growing up, I was fascinated with everything celestial. Until I was about 12 years old, I was convinced I would be the first woman on Mars. Over time, I found a new interest in the news, but retained my love of the universe. So when I saw the opportunity to write a technology and science feature about Kitt Peak National Observatory I jumped on it.

Michelle Obama speaks to crowd of 10,000-plus at University of Florida | Politics 
Normally,  at WUFT News I worked with students coordinating stories and editing them for the website. But after breaking the news about the first lady stopping by the University of Florida (through rumors, Twitter and sources working with FLOTUS) I asked if I could cover the event, live tweeting and writing a final piece for online.

The Gainesville Sun

Trenton kid donates his $27,111 prize to teen with cancer | General Assignment 

The story had been covered by the local news station and by a few small papers in the outlying counties. I had to figure out a way to bring the story into a new light. So I thought: What didn’t people know? What’s going to get people to read past the headline? With that in mind, I started the story with Buckshot, the boy’s 255-pound hog. My editor and the readers liked the story so much that I wrote a follow-up story on the boys to see how they were doing a few months later.